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Yoga Helps 117 Health Conditions

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Medical Research Supports the Benefits of Practicing Yoga

In 2007 when Timothy McCall, MD was writing, Yoga as Medicine, the Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing, he went through the medical research on yoga and identified 43 medical conditions that were helped by yoga.  In 2015 I studied Seeing and Reading Bodies with Dr. McCall and he gave me permission to list the most current list of 75 Medical Conditions Benefited by Yoga as Demonstrated in Scientific Studies.

In June 2019 the list rose to 117 Health Conditions. This dramatic increase in the research reflects the medical community’s interest in alternative approaches to disease and their belief that practicing meditation, yoga poses and breathing can help people, even those with complex issues. In my own experience teaching I have seen dramatic improvements in people who wanted to get better and who did the work necessary to improve.

The list below is very long. To get all the information on one page, the font is small and you may not be able to read the information below on the screen before you. Therefore, I am adding links to two different posters plus a list that gives you links to the actual research studies. These are available to download for free and to share. 

Thank you, Dr. McCall.

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

List with references:

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