Age Without Limits

Janet Rae Humphrey

Janet walked into a yoga class at the age of 58 after a lifetime of medical issues, including a lumbar fusion, six knee surgeries, fibromyalgia and three neurosurgeries, followed by life-threatening infections, severe pain, muscular weakness and scoliosis. Through her yoga practice, Janet grew stronger and more flexible, and her health improved dramatically.

About The Book

Age Without Limits is direct evidence that aging does not have to mean decline. In fact, this book provides direct hope and inspiration that you can always improve your body, your mind and especially your attitude. And best of all, it is gifted to us by Janet Rae Humphrey who has lived this truth in her own life by healing her own body through her yoga practice.

The same irrepressible spirit that has made Janet an incredible teacher and an inspiration to so many, has made Age Without Limits an extraordinary gift to the world of yoga. It is a valuable resource for students and teachers alike and one that is easily accessible to all. In addition to excellent guidelines on how to approach your yoga practice safely, this book gives ample information about how to observe special precautions for specific medical conditions. Janet draws upon 20 years of working in medical research and patient care plus peer-reviewed medical and scientific studies to support her work and quotes them directly in this book.

The most inspiring aspects of Age Without Limits are the photographs and testimonials from those who have benefited directly from Janet's passion and excellence as a teacher. Joy and vitality shine in every student between 63 and 95-years old.

Age Without Limits contains over 200 alignment-based chair and standing yoga poses designed to improve posture, strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, range of motion and well-being. With consistent practice, pain and physical limitations can be reduced and you can join the men and women highlighted in this book in aging successfully.

The spiral-bound book will open flat making it easy to follow the step-by-step instructions.

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Book Sample

Age Without Limits is divided into sections so you can work on the part of the body where you need help.

Chair Poses

  • Breathing – emotional and physiological distress
  • Meditation – proven to protect your brain from degeneration with aging
  • Head, Neck and Face – source of pain for many people
  • Arms and Shoulders – relieve shoulder pain
  • Football Referee Yoga – fun way to help shoulders
  • Hands and Wrists – help arthritis pain
  • Back and Belly – reduce back pain by strengthening your muscles
  • Hips, Legs and Knees – strong muscles help reduce pain
  • Feet and Ankles – support your entire body

Poses with Props

  • Strap
  • Ball
  • Block

Standing Poses

  • Poses at the wall
  • Balance practice
  • Sequences
  • Savasana – Final Resting

Your Personal Practice
For Yoga Teachers
References and Resources

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Tamela Kareen I have been looking and ordering books and DVDs for my older student population. This book is the best. It has many chair and standing poses that keep my students healthy and having fun.
Anne Wisniewski This book wonderful! Illustrations, in a spiral bound stay that makes for easy access to the pages! A wealth of information. I’m so pleased to have found this book!
Donna I am a yoga teacher and work privately with a senior client. I have struggled to find appropriate and inspiring material to use in our sessions. Janet is clearly very knowledgeable and I have found the book to be a breath of fresh air- good content and well structured.
Catherine Rees I teach gentle seated yoga for seniors and those recovering from illness or surgery. I was running out of new ideas and starting to get bored. Thank goodness Janet Humphrey published her book with hundreds of ideas including clear instructions and mindfulness to alignment and safety. When I get stuck for something new and fun to do, I reach for her book time and time again. The book is useful for yoga teachers or for new students wanting to starting their own home practice.
Kathy T. I have found Janet's book to be a very informative introduction to Yoga. I'm 72 and have never practiced yoga.  This wonderfully written book has guided me through understanding of how yoga improves your total well-being from breathing and meditation to learning the different poses to help with all my aches and pains.  I highly recommend this book for everyone whether you are a seasoned Yogi or a beginner like me! 
Amazon Customer In addition to the many yoga poses found in her book, Janet shares her vast knowledge of the functions of the human body. Her teachings are full of hope and compassion for her students no matter what stage of life or physical condition they are in. She truly lives to help others improve not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. No matter if you are just considering yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Janet's book is a fantastic source for everyone.
Sandra H.Kale If you are a senior, you know your body doesn't work as well as you want it too. Janet's book is easy to open, easy to follow, easy to do and at your own pace. If there are special areas in your body that need help, loosening up, stretching, or strengthening then this is the book for you. The book "works" for you if you are homebound, don't want to attend public classes or just want to pace yourself through the moves without trying to keep up with others. It also works as a supplement to any Yoga class you are taking in order to review body position or moves.
Amazon Customer Janet's book and classes are focused on aging and how to keep limber and healthy. The book enhances what I learn in class. My strength has increased dramatically along with flexibility. I purchased this book in one of Janet's classes. The poses are easy for me to follow and on any day I can pick what is working for me on a particular day. I also purchased the DVD which is wonderful too. The book is organized and well written. Janet is a remarkable women.