Age Without Limits

It's more than a book/class/video about yoga. These are tools to help you overcome limitations, to experience the value of practice and progress into a state of wellbeing mentally, physically and emotionally. If you want to feel better, Age Without Limits will teach you how.

A new student emailed me this about her chair/balance yoga class.

"I love your class and am able to stand straighter when taking my walks as well as in general.  I will try to do the shoulder exercises to the best of my ability as I know they help." (She has had a shoulder replacement.)

-Helen, age 86, student 2 months

Continuing senior yoga students are enthusiastic about the Age Without Limits Zoom classes.

"Janet invites students to tell her what they need for their bodies that day and she includes poses that address their needs. She has quite a repertoire and knowledge to help every student!"

-Carolyn, age 78, student 5 years

"GREAT class today!! And my scoliosis realignment has improved so much from your classes this summer! I can see the difference and my muscles are so much more flexible and much stronger!! Can hardly wait for Thursday's class!"

-Kim, age 76, student 3 years

"Janet’s yoga classes on Zoom have been a real-life saver during this self-isolation. For one thing, having 2 classes scheduled during the week, gives some needed structure to the week. Otherwise, I find I don’t even know what day it is. I have found the classes are just as easy to follow as when we met in person. Janet has been so creative in teaching us some new yoga poses, as well as reviewing some we already know. She also gives us some insightful and thoughtful messages to help us achieve some calm and equanimity during this stressful time. An added bonus is the time before and after class to see our friends and find out about their lives. I feel keeping our body and mind healthy is of primary importance and these classes contribute greatly to that goal."

-Olivia, age 87, student for 4 years

Class Schedule

Virtual Zoom Classes are from 2 – 3 p.m. PDT

$40 for 4 Classes on One Day for One Month, $12 for Drop-ins

Classes are limited to 11 participants.More classes will be added as needed.
Openings are limited, so contact Janet ASAP.

               MONDAY: Yoga for Seniors: Active Class – 1/3 in a chair and 2/3 standing
               NEW TUESDAY: Stand: Strong & Stable – Standing and wall poses for stability
               WEDNESDAY: Chair/Balance: Gentle Class – 2/3 in a chair and 1/3 standing
               THURSDAY: Therapeutic Yoga: Yoga on the floor and standing

Edited Recordings of Classes
Sent by email: $10/class; Sent by USPS on a DVD: $19/class

Yoga for Seniors

  1. Spine Health
  2. Bone Health
  3. Strap and Block Class
  4. Hands & Wrists, Weights and Balance
  5. Arms & Shoulders, Block, Stretching
  6. Stretching
  7. Back, Belly & Balance
  8. 2 Balls working for the whole body
  9. Sacroiliac Joint and Shoulders
  10. Hands & Wrists, Flowing Movement
  11. Wrists & Balance

Chair/Balance Yoga

  1. Hip and Heart Openers
  2. Fun Poses & Leg Strengtheners
  3. Wrists & Balance
  4. Working with a Play Ball

Poses at the Wall

This is suitable for anyone who can stand for an hour


Therapeutic Yoga

  1. Stress Relief
  2. The Whole Body
  3. Bone Strength
  4. Muscle Strength
  5. Poses Release & Strengthening
  6. Hip Openers
  7. Quadriceps & Hamstrings
  8. Bone Health
  9. Pelvic Floor
  10. Tennis Ball Fun
  11. Low Back
  12. Abdomen & Side

A Mindfulness Life Center classes are cancelled temporarily due to COVID-19.


It’s time for you to join the fun and do great things for your body!

New and experienced chair and mat yoga students from Oregon to New Jersey, Wisconsin to Texas and Arizona are gathering through the Internet to calm their minds, strengthen their bodies and, improve their balance. Every class is unique and reflects the needs of the students attending. All you need is an Internet connection and a device with a camera: web cam on a computer, lap top, tablet, or smart phone.

Each weekday class is $20 for four weeks paid in advance.

Two chair classes will be available in June

Monday: 2 p.m. PDT, Yoga for Seniors:  Active class – 30 minutes standing

Wednesday: 2 p.m. PDT, Chair/Balance:  Easy class – 20 minutes standing

Videos are available for these previous classes.

  1. Spine Health
  2. Hands and Wrists, Weights, Balance
  3. Arms and Shoulders
  4. Yoga with a Ball
  5. Yoga with a Strap
  6. Stretching
  7. Poses at the Wall

Mat yoga students with varying levels of experience relax their minds and practice yoga poses suitable for seniors. Class topics are different each week.

Thursday: 2 p.m. PDT, Therapeutic Yoga: Yoga on the floor and standing

Videos are available for these previous classes:

  1. Stress Relief
  2. Whole Body
  3. Bone Strength
  4. Muscle Strength
  5. Psoas Release and Strengthening
  6. Hip Openers
  7. Quadriceps and Hamstrings
  8. Poses at the Wall (same as the one above)

Videos costs:

  • Free for students enrolled in that class
    • $5 for people who have previously attended Janet’s classes
    • $7 for new students

Private classes may be scheduled at mutual convenience. These have been successful in helping people recover from injury, improve specific areas of their bodies, and expand their abilities.

For more information on both classes and videos and to keep yourself active while you practice social distancing,

Call Janet at 480-656-0791 or email her at

Video examples of both the chair and therapeutic classes:


Yoga for Seniors – an active class for people with yoga experience or life-long exercisers. Warm-up and cool-down are done in a chair. Postures are practiced holding on to the seat of a chair, free-standing, at the wall and with partners.2-3 pm PDTJanet Rae HumphreyJOIN NOW!
Stand: Strong & Stable Standing and wall poses for strength, balance and refinement of your yoga poses. This class has rave reviews.2-3 pm PDTJanet Rae HumphreyJOIN NOW!

Enjoy these very short video clips of 4 new students and one returning student:

Janet's yoga class has provided me away to exercise safely despite my back Issues. She Is a professional and empathetic instructor who has outstanding communication skills. Janet's class has been one of the best experiences. This Is my first exposure to yoga and I just love it! I have had some knee and back Issues and Janet's class has helped me so much! - LG. I love these classes; wish I could do It every day. Janet is wonderful and have made lots of new friends. - K.S. I am 84 years old and am grateful for having found Age Without Limits yoga. When walking Into the studio for the first time my head was down to my waist and I used a walker. Now I'm straighter, my back Is stronger, and I walk upright without a walker. 1 believed I was headed to a wheelchair and a nursing home. It is well done and very explicit. - LL. I have taken yoga from Janet Humphrey for 5 years starting at age 82. I improved my posture, balance and flexibility tremendously. People comment on how youthfully I move. Janet's therapeutic yoga has relieved my back pain and sciatica more effectively than physical therapy. I intend to continue yoga until my demise!! - O.Q. I have enjoyed Janet’s class so much and have learned and

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body problems. I feel gratitude for the awareness she has installed in me. Thank you, Janet. - J.F. Janet's class has Improved my balance and confidence. - E.Z. Janet's class has helped me so much. I bought her book, Age Without Limits, and the matching video so I could do yoga correctly every day. The classes help me focus on what I need to concentrate on correctly. - C.H. This Is a new experience for me. The instructor Is very good. - L.F. My friend "highly recommended" Janet's chair yoga class. All the praises were true! Chair yoga is a work out yet kind to the body. Janet is a "Rockstar" In the yoga community. Her passion for proper technique makes her the perfect instructor. - J.F. Love, love, love Janet's yoga for seniors' classes. I have severe fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have not been able to stick with any exercise program until I found Janet. I started in her first class and have been with her for six years now! - B.S. In my four years of taking yoga classes with Janet, Age Without Limits yoga works your whole body and soul. It's the best hour of my whole week. - R.P.