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Welcome to Age Without Limits Yoga On Demand Video Classes and Monthly Subscription Service.

Yoga for seniors and those with health-conditions.

Access to four levels of live-recorded yoga classes at any time.


Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor, Janet Rae Humphrey, C-IAYT, has some asymmetries in her body secondary to a car accident in 1997. Through her yoga practice, Janet experiences less pain and better function. After over 17 years of yoga practice, she is an active 75-year-old woman determined to help others feel better.

Please listen to your body as you practice and move out of a pose that causes pain. Anyone who wants to feel improvement can do so through practice, concentration and determination. Please, enjoy practicing yoga with Janet.

CLASSES are approximately 60 minutes.

All Sitting Class – a Gentle Cass

Practice sitting in a chair for 30 minutes. Poses will cover different parts of the body, improve strength and flexibility.

Chair Yoga & Balance Yoga – a Gentle Cass

Chair/Balance is for people beginning yoga or those with  health-conditions. Poses are primarily done sitting. You will stand for a third of  the class doing poses holding on to the back of a chair and free-standing. We will work on improving strength, flexibility, balance and range-of-motion. No poses on the floor.

Yoga for Seniors - Active Chair Yoga Class

Yoga for Seniors is for people without significant medical issues.  Warm-up and cool-down are done in a chair. Standing postures are practiced holding onto the seat of a chair, free-standing and using props. No poses on the floor.

Stand: Strong & Stable – Standing and Wall Poses

An active yoga class at the wall and free standing for strength, balance and refinement of your standing yoga poses. You will need  40” to 60” of blank wall space to work your poses. You will be standing the entire hour. You will work on alignment of your body and improving your posture.

Therapeutic yoga – an active floor and standing class

An active class that targets specific issues requested by the students including, but not limited to, head and neck, shoulders, hands and wrists, back pain, hips, knees, feet and ankles. The class starts and ends on the floor. Standing poses are done free-standing with props.

Bonus Practices - 4 to 27 minutes

Variety of shorter practices


  1. Yoga mat 2’ x 6’ or a non-skid surface
  2. An armless, straight-back chair
  3. Yoga block (or cardboard box or plastic box approximately 4" x 6" x 9" packed solid),
  4. Yoga strap or bathrobe tie 6' long or longer.
  5. Occasionally you need:
    1. Free weights of 1, 3 or 5 pounds or a 15 oz can of soup, tomatoes, etc.
    2. 8” to 10” play rubber ball or rolled-up bath towel
    3. 3-4’ dowel or a broom handle
    4. Thera-band strips or loop, obtain from Janet@AgeWithoutLimits.net

Important Guidelines

Before starting chair yoga please read these instructions.

These videos are not intended as a substitute for medical advice from qualified health professionals. You should consult with your health care providers prior to doing the poses in these videos and while practicing yoga.

Practice using a sturdy chair on a non-slip surface. Wear comfortable clothes that stretch. Start slowly and gradually increase your strength, flexibility and range of motion. Begin with short practices and gradually increase your time up to one hour. Practice up to six days/week. Alternate upper and lower body poses as you practice.

Copyright 2019 Janet Rae Humphrey. All rights reserved.

No part of these video may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without written permission of Ms. Humphrey. Authorization may be obtained by writing to Janet@AgeWithoutLimits.net.