Yoga has been shown to help alleviate or reduce many of these health challenges, making it an increasingly popular exercise choice for our older adult population. Senior Yoga classes are popping up everywhere – health clubs, senior centers, assisted living residences, and even church basements. The many benefits of Yoga have long been said to slow – or even slowly reverse – the aging process. This is undoubtedly a good part of the reason that this 4000+ year old practice has survived and flourishes today. It’s also a primary reason that Yoga, according to the 7th Annual IDEA Fitness Programs Report, has experienced the most growth of any fitness program over the past seven years.

Armed with knowledge of the medical conditions of her class participants and the ability to modify poses to accommodate each participant’s health circumstances, a well-informed Yoga instructor can benefit all of her class, particularly the senior participants, given the age-related health concerns that they face. Most of you are aware of the well-researched and documented strengthening and flexibility gains brought on by the practice of Yoga. Age Without Limits highlights several of the research findings as to the other ways in which Yoga benefits the elderly.