Age Without Limits – “Grow Old with Yoga” in May/June 2016 Yoga Digest

“Grow Old with Yoga” in May/June 2016 Yoga Digest tells Janet’s yoga story of recovery from major health problems, her writing this book and more information about yoga for seniors from three of Janet’s teachers. 

Here is a link to the YogaDigest article.

You can also read about the Art and Science of Teaching Chair Yoga Workshop Janet and Amy Kraft, of BoomerPlus Yoga, will be doing in October under the Yoga Teacher tab above.

Don’t tell my students in their 80’s and 90’s that they are old. 

Version 2

Elsa, age 87, “Don’t tell me I am over the hill because I am still climbing it. Yoga helps me to renew my mind, body and soul.”

Renew your self!

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