Age Without Limits

Age Without Limits is direct evidence that aging does not have to mean decline. In fact, this book provides direct hope and inspiration that you can always improve your body, your mind and especially your attitude. And best of all, it is gifted to us by Janet Rae Humphrey who has lived this truth in her own life by healing her own body through her yoga practice.

The same irrepressible spirit that has made Janet an incredible teacher and an inspiration to so many, has made Age Without Limits an extraordinary gift to the world of yoga. It is a valuable resource for students and teachers alike and one that is easily accessible to all. In addition to excellent guidelines on how to approach your yoga practice safely, this book gives ample information about how to observe special precautions for specific medical conditions. Janet draws upon 20 years of experience working in medical research and patient care, plus peer-reviewed medical and scientific studies, to support her work and quotes them directly in this book.

But perhaps the most inspiring aspects of Age Without Limits are the photographs and testimonials from those who have benefitted directly from Janet’s passion and excellence as a teacher. You will be moved by the joy and vitality that shines through in each of her students ranging in age from their 60s to their 90s.

Age Without Limits contains over 200 alignment-based chair and standing yoga poses designed to improve posture, strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, range of motion and well-being. With consistent practice, pain and physical limitations can be reduced and you can join the men and women highlighted in this book in aging successfully.

Transformation Through Yoga (video)

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